Obesity is pets is a highly prevalent disease seen in cats and dogs. To initiate treatment, firstly all clinical findings should be recorded and the topic discussed with the owner, as with any other disease. As obesity can be an emotive subject some feel that approaching this conversation can be challenging. This session will look at non-confrontational ways to talk in positive terms to pet owners when their pet has overweight or obesity and will describe possible solutions for effective referrals to the appropriate team member for provision of obesity care. RACE # 20-1169522

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how influential veterinary advice and recommendation can be and how obesity care can be initiated in the best way
  • Evaluate was in which a effective system can be put in place for internal referrals for cases of obesity
  • Detail how to assess the readiness of a client to start treatment for their pet’s overweight or obesity
  • Discuss how through considerate communication the topic can be discussed whenever needed
  • Identify the barriers to discussing weight with pet owners