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Looking for on-the-go content on all things veterinary? VETchat by The Webinar Vet brings you exclusive discussions with members all across the veterinary profession. From hot topical debates to mini CPD/CE lessons, we cover just about everything! Join us weekly to learn, be inspired, and be entertained.

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Join our panel of veterinary experts as they debunk common myths, share valuable pet care tips, and discuss the latest in veterinary science.

Stefanos Kladakis

What You Need To Know Before Neutering

Anthony and Stefanos discuss the pros and cons of neutering. Stefanos share's his B.O.A.T acronym for how to approach neutering, the importance of ensuring the procedure is done at the correct time, and the risks associated with spaying obese dogs.

Dave Goulson

We Need To Stop Using Topical Flea Treatments On Our Pets

Anthony and Dave discuss all things insects and the environment! Dave shares how much of the UK's wildflower meadows have been lost, how we can have more wildlife-friendly gardens, and express their dislike towards the use of plastic grass.

Tim Nuttall & Jill Moss

Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance

Tim talks about the history of antibiotics and how long we have known about resistance, and they talk about the recent change in perspective on when antibiotics should be used.

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Anthony Chadwick

Anthony Chadwick VETchat

The Webinar Vet, founded by Anthony Chadwick, BVSc CertVD MRCVS, is the ultimate destination for veterinary professionals looking to stay informed and educated on the latest advancements and trends in the industry. Anthony has over 20 years of experience as a small animal vet and is a master of delivering valuable and informative content to his listeners and followers.

In 2010, with the aim of making veterinary education more accessible, more affordable and easy for busy veterinary professionals, he established The Webinar Vet. Anthony is someone who has personally struggled with the time and expense of travelling to CPD meetings and recognised the need for a more efficient solution. The Webinar Vet was born and VETchat shortly followed. It has since grown to become the number one veterinary podcast in the industry.

Anthony is not only a fantastic podcast host but also passionate about helping his fellow colleagues develop themselves and become better vets or nurses. He brings in over 70 guest speakers and covers a wide range of topics, from antimicrobial resistance to personal development, to keep you informed and educated on the latest trends in veterinary medicine. Tune in to VETchat, available on all major podcast providers and our website, to join the thousands of veterinary professionals who have already benefited from Anthony's expertise and knowledge.

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Bringing you exclusive discussions with members all across the veterinary profession.

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Welcome to VETchat, the number-one veterinary podcast! With over 160 episodes and new episodes added every week, you'll never run out of expert advice and valuable insights. Our podcast is perfect for veterinarians, veterinary students, and anyone in the industry looking to stay up-to-date on the latest topics and trends.

Our wide range of topics includes everything from small animal care to farm animals, exotics, and equine, as well as practice management, health and wellbeing, and even nurse support. We even have bonus episodes dedicated to empowering women in the veterinary industry. With over 70 guest speakers, you'll hear from some of the most respected and experienced professionals in the field.

And the best part? Our podcast is available on all major podcast providers, and if you listen on our website, you can easily track your listening towards your continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. Plus we've added new topics like sustainability, lifestyle, technology, and current events.

So whether you're a seasoned vet looking to stay informed or a student just starting out, this podcast is the perfect resource for you. Tune in and join us on our journey of discovery and growth as we navigate the exciting and ever-changing world of veterinary medicine.

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Check out some of our top VETchat articles from the VETtalk blog.

Empowering Women

Top 10 Veterinary Podcasts for Empowering Women

In honour of International Women’s Day, we would like to highlight our VETchat – Empowering Women series, a collection of podcasts that celebrates and empowers women in the veterinary field.

Quality Improvement

How Can I Achieve Quality Improvement In My Practice?

This VETChat episode is part of our series on supporting and empowering women in veterinary, hosted by Kathryn Bell. Joining Kathryn today is Pam Mosedale, Quality Improvement Clinical Lead at RCVS Knowledge.

Top 10

Top 10 Veterinary Podcasts

If you’re in the car or have some spare time and want to hear about the latest hot topics in the veterinary world then look no further. Below are our top 10 recommended vet podcasts you need to listen to.

Special episodes | Empowering Women

What makes us different

The "Empowering Women" bonus series focuses on highlighting the accomplishments and experiences of women from diverse backgrounds and industries.

Each episode features interviews with accomplished women from different sectors, who will share their personal journeys and professional experiences.

The target audience of listeners is female veterinarians, who will have the opportunity to hear about the challenges and triumphs these women have faced in their careers, as well as the advice they have for other women looking to succeed in their own careers, regardless of their industry.

Additionally, the podcast will cover current issues and trends that affect women, and how they can be applied to the veterinary field. The goal of the "Empowering Women" series is to inspire and support female veterinarians in their professional pursuits, as well as to increase the visibility and representation of women in all industries.


Our podcast series 'Empowering Women' is not just about listening, it's about learning. We aim to bring you the stories of women who have succeeded in various fields and provide you with valuable lessons that you can apply to your own career. We believe that by hearing about the challenges and victories of our guests, we can empower and motivate our female veterinarian listeners to reach their full potential.

Image of Kathryn Bell Kathryn Bell CEO | The Webinar Vet

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