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Paw-thology Path Of Discovery

Explore veterinary pathology with Sandra Dawson and Jasmine Chan on VETchat, discussing technology’s impact and pathologists' crucial roles in animal care.

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Pathology Practices

Understanding and interpreting findings.

Karina Fresneda MV. Specialist in Anatomohistopathological Veterinary Diagnosis

Cytology: How to get the best of it working as a team

For the best possible interpretation of the cytological findings, we need to have presumptive diagnosis and understand the pathogenesis of the different conditions.

Helen Campbell BVM&S FRCPath MRCVS and Alina Bodnariu DVM MSc PhD FRCPath MRCVS

Clinical pathology in cats and dogs: Why species, breed and age matter

This webinar will highlight important differences between canine and feline laboratory results, particularities of certain canine and feline breeds, as well as age-related differences in reference intervals of biochemical and haematological analytes.

Disease Diagnostics

Disease identification and management strategies.

Stacey A. Newton BVSc Cert EM (Int Med) PhD FRCPath MRCVS

Hypercalcaemia in dogs and cats: An overview

Hypercalcaemia is a common finding in both dogs and cats. In the dog common presentation is PUPD and hypercalcaemia is a differential that must be excluded when PUPD is the presenting clinical sign.

Speciality Subjects

Advanced techniques and species-specific sessions.

Trevor Whitbread BSc BVSc DipECVP MRCVS

Basic cytology for practitioners

This session is aimed at veterinary surgeons and vet nurses who have started or wish to start preparing and interpreting their cytology in-house.

Madonna Livingstone BVMS MRCVS

Help! It’s a ferret!

This session is designed to show how ferrets can easily be integrated into your caseload. This session is suitable for veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, and clinical-stage veterinary students.

NationWide Laboratories Webinar Library

Inspiring Journeys and Leadership in Pathology

Discover the inspiring stories and leadership lessons from the frontlines of veterinary pathology.

Alison Lee

The Woman Behind the Microscope

Alison Lee was not what I was expecting. I knew I was about to speak to a gifted pathologist, but the bright, bubbly, funny young woman who sat opposite me, frankly, blew me away.

Sandra Wells

The Leader Who Believes Change Starts at Home

Sandra Wells is redefining what it is to be a leader. Gentle, kind and supportive, her life lessons through motherhood, sisterhood, sport, and working hard, steadily and consistently have led her to where she is today.

Embracing Technological Advancements in Pathology

Dive into the future of pathology with the latest advancements in scanning technology and digital innovations.

Latest Innovations in Digital Pathology

Digital pathology and the scope for machine learning holds great potential workflow efficiencies for veterinary pathologists, as well as for diagnosis and patient care in the wider profession.

Immunochemistry at NationWide Laboratories

General practitioners are increasingly faced with a histology report which suggests they use immunohistochemistry to further classify the tumour at hand – but what does this entail?


Exploring modern veterinary medicine: interdisciplinary dialogues and technological advances in pathology.


Paw-thology Path Of Discovery

Explore veterinary pathology with Sandra Dawson and Jasmine Chan on VETchat, discussing technology’s impact and pathologists' crucial roles in animal care.

Discover Veterinary Medicine Like Never Before

Your Comprehensive Guide to a World of Knowledge.

NationWide Laboratories

Introducing the LabFacts Book, a comprehensive and authoritative guide to veterinary medicine, now available on WikiVet. The LabFacts Book provides a wealth of information on a wide range of topics, making it an essential resource for professionals and students alike.

Delve into the fascinating world of Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, and Cytology. Discover in-depth investigations into canine and feline diseases, and broaden your understanding of equine adrenocortical disorders. The LabFacts Book also offers extensive content on Coagulopathies, Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time (BMBT), and Blood Crossmatching.

Stay updated with the latest on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, canine thyroid function, and Feline Hyperthyroidism. Deep dive into reproductive health with sections dedicated to canine, equine, and feline reproduction. Expand your knowledge on Calcium disorders, LabFacts Histology, and LabFacts Microbiology.

Be equipped to combat infectious diseases with our chapters on canine and feline infectious diseases, Chlamydia psittaci and Chlamydia felis. And finally, explore the examination of aborted ovine foetuses.

The LabFacts Book is your one-stop resource for all things veterinary. Start your journey of discovery now!

The LabFacts Book By NationWide Laboratories

Unlock the Secrets of Animal Health with In-Depth Insights and Expert Knowledge

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Transforming Animal Healthcare: NationWide Laboratories

Innovation, Expertise, and Sustainability in Veterinary Diagnostics

NationWide Laboratories, a UKAS Accredited Diagnostic Testing Laboratory, strives for excellence in animal health across the UK. Our core objective is improving 'one health' through innovative solutions, technologies, and comprehensive lab services. We provide a broad spectrum of veterinary tests for companion, exotic, and farm animals, covering areas such as biochemistry, haematology, and endocrinology, powered by our sample collection service, National Veterinary Services.

Our strength lies in our highly experienced team of pathologists, scientists, and customer excellence specialists. We don't limit ourselves to scientific analysis; we also extend support in navigating complex cases. We collaborate with specialists, offering additional tests and expert insight for result interpretation.

Our offerings include microbiological food testing, environmental hygiene testing, National EQA scheme operation, and personalised health care with DNA-profiling. Our allervet® service and Artuvet supply facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases. We're also pioneers in veterinary endocrine diagnostics, ELISA assay and radioimmunoassay development.

Research and education remain our strong interests, with contributions to veterinary medicine publications and sponsorship for industry events. We provide extensive, affordable CPD and educational outreach, promoting careers in science to UK school children.

To keep our services cutting-edge, we've integrated a high-speed slide digitalization system, streamlining service and improving result turnaround times. Our online courier booking solution and customer portal enable efficient sample tracking and report access.

Our extensive team of pathologists and laboratory scientists collaborate with universities, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies, ensuring capacity and technical capabilities for successful partnerships.

We're committed to sustainability, seeking environmentally conscious operations. Efforts include reducing energy use, waste, and switching to sustainable materials. Our sustainability drive extends to community involvement through fundraising and volunteering.

NationWide Laboratories is steadfast in its commitment to animal welfare and one health. Our team stands ready to help you deliver better services to your clients, striving to positively impact your business.